Enter Instagram & Facebook URL

Facebook, Instagram is the second most popular social media service to share images and videos, followed by YouTube. However, to download photos or videos uploaded by users or friends, you need to install the plug-in from a specific web browser, or download and search the source.
However, File.gl provides a very easy and fast interface.

If downloading the Facebook or Instagram address you want to download regardless of PC mode or mobile mode and clicking the download button or simply attaching 'qqq' to the image or video address in your web browser, You can also share with SNS. You can also download multiple instagram addresses in the search box at once.
If you try it, it will be very convenient and convenient.


Ex) https://www.qqqfacebook.com/handsomeguys2013/videos/1531143400298934/
Ex) https://www.qqqinstagram.com/p/BaOOGAuFbqI/